CFO Research: The Finance Function in the Services Economy

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Service-oriented business models have become a driving force across industries, with product-based companies adding services, including professional services, subscription-based services, software/apps delivered as a service, managed services and usage-based contracts, in the hope of both generating recurring revenue and strengthening customer relationships. 

CFO Research, in collaboration with FinancialForce, recently completed a survey of senior finance executives in the U.S and U.K to find out how the “new services” economy is impacting the finance function, beginning with accounting changes and including the need to support the business in new strategic ways.

Download the CFO report and gain insights into:

  • Pains points CFOs face by adopting a “new services” business model
  • What operational and technology infrastructure can support services revenue
  • Why finance is shifting its mindset to be more customer-centric
  • How the role of the CFO is evolving to support a services business model

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