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Managing Services-Based Business Models


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7 Considerations and how the customer plays a part in each one

The rise of subscriptions and services-based business models have brought new challenges and priorities to the finance office. According to a recent CFO report, over one-third of CFOs believe they need to be hyper-focused on customer success to make positive impact on revenue, growth, and profitability in the new services economy.

We've outlined the top 7 considerations CFOs need to know about managing new services-based models - and how the customer plays a part in each one.

  • Changes to accounting, billing, and revenue recognition
  • New metrics that matter for services-based businesses
  • New resources required to impact top- and bottom-line growth
  • Infrastructure and tools to drive services revenue success

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New skill-sets will be required in Finance as part of the customer experience.


Customer success is everything in a services business and finance plays an integral role.


How to find the right tools will be a huge driver for new services model success.


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