8 Reasons why ERP is Better on the Salesforce Platform

Connect your ERP apps to your Salesforce CRM and you create a single customer record that connects your front and back office.  Sales, services, finance and HR apps can all be organized around the customer and you can gain better processes, clear visibility and the ability to act from anywhere.

Download this guide and learn learn how to:

  • Breakdown the department barriers 
  • Eliminate errors between front and back office
  • Give your sales and services team one customer record
  • Get full access to reporting, dashboards and Actions Views

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Analyst at Nucleus, Seth Lippincott, learned that customers favor our solution because it has enabled them to scale rapidly, tailor to their company's needs and it is native to Salesforce. Learn more about his findings in his report!

Download this report and learn:

  • Why customers love FinancialForce
  • How to scale rapidly
  • 2017 ERP trends to look forward to
  • What exactly "sticky" means 

Nucleus Research: Customers Say FinancialForce is Sticky

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