HR Transformation - Moving HR To The Cloud

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Would you like to know why HR professionals are moving to the cloud? 

The Ritz Hotel, London  |  Tuesday, 13th October  |  8am-10am  

Join us for a full English breakfast on Tuesday 13th October at The Ritz Hotel London, and hear industry experts share their insights on how HR can transform the role they play to align with strategic goals, the enabling role technology can play and what steps to take to achieve success.

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At this event, you will learn:

  • The role HR can play in driving business transformation
  • The enabling role that technology has to play in HR
  • How to identify and quantify the benefits to make the business case
  • The steps to achieve a successful implementation

The drive to align with strategic goals places increased pressure on HR professionals and IT to take action in order to deliver on strategic objectives. Learn the steps you need to take at our event.


Marcus Beaver, Director Cloud Enabled HR Technology and Transformation at KPMG has over 10 years experience in
HR applications. He will share client experiences from business case creation, standardising processes through to new
ways of working in HR which are transforming their role within global organisations.

Michelle Walker, Head of HR Operations at AB Agri Ltd, will share over 15 years experience of managing HR technology
selection through to implementation and describe the critical milestones in the process which HR need to recognise in
order to achieve success.


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