Salesforce CRM & FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA): A Winning Combination            

Service Performance Insight (SPI)       

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According to SPI Research's 2017 PS Maturity™ Benchmark survey, the true power of a CRM for service organizations can only be realized when it is integrated with a PSA solution. Best in class service businesses have found that an integrated PSA and CRM solution is the best way to bridge the sales and services delivery gap.

FinancialForce PSA, 100% native to Salesforce, enables sales and services to operate on one unified platform. Out-of-the-box and seamless integration is assured because both applications are built on the same development platform - providing bidirectional, real-time integration. This means sales has an up to date view of resource availability and project status while service delivery can see the sales pipeline to plan and staff upcoming projects accordingly.

Download the report to learn how organizations that leverage Salesforce CRM & FinancialForce PSA achieve:

  • Higher year over year growth - both in assimilating new employees and in PS revenue
  • Improved ability to expand through mergers and acquisitions
  • More revenue from new clients indicating better market expansion and improved sales effectiveness
  • Larger, more profitable projects due to sales and delivery collaboration

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