Live Webinar: The Resurgence of Professional Services in Europe

31st May  | 3 pm BST

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European Professional Services on the rise. How does your business compare?

The era of static business is over. Today, every business is a services business, and it’s one of the fastest growing segments of the global economy. And with the European economy on the rise there are positive signs of significant growth ahead.0806SPIResearchTriangle.jpg

Join Jeanne Urich, Managing Director at Service Performance Insight (SPI) and Austin Rohr, Product Strategy Manager, Professional Services Automation (PSA) at FinancialForce, as they highlight key results taken from the 2017 SPI PS Maturity Benchmark Report that are impacting the European market.     

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How European services companies compare to other geographies
  • Top European trends in professional services for 2017
  • 2017 biggest challenges and biggest opportunities
  • The power of integrated software solutions

Featured Speakers:

jeanne urich
Jeanne Urich
Managing Director
Service Performance Insight 

Austin Rohr
Product Strategy Manager, PSA

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