What would a 7% improvement in Billable Utilization mean to your organization?

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The latest report from SPI Research published in July 2019 highlights the significant benefits can be realized by Professional Services organizations through improvements in maturity.

Implementing an integrated Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution is a cornerstone to maturity; driving astonishing improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. PSA delivers increases in Billable Utilization, Revenue Growth, and Project Margins.

A 7% increase in Billable Utilization can yield $2.8m Incremental Revenue Growth for every 100 billable employees.

"FinancialForce provides the dominant ERP and PSA applications built on the Salesforce platform. This partnership and data sharing provides a surround sound view of the business resulting in superlative performance."
—PSA Primer: Measuring the impact of PSA on FinancialForce