APRIL 7 | 11AM PT | 1PM CT | 2PM ET

Virtual Roundtable: How digital transformation can drive transparency in professional services companies

Whether you are running an embedded services organization or standalone services firm, services delivery can’t be done in isolation. It must become transparent to the rest of the organization. Digital services transformation enables services to engage more actively in the selling process and provide a seamless and more proactive handoff from sales to delivery to finance.

Join FinancialForce on Wednesday, April 7th at 11am PT where you will meet other professional services leaders and have an open discussion about how companies today are optimizing key KPIs such as utilization and service margins and bringing the services business, customer experience and finance together across the customer lifecycle to deliver real tangible benefits.

FinancialForce analytics expert Joe Thomas will guide you through how aggregating critical project data to drive billing and invoicing - project status, completed milestones, time & expense data on a single platform you can automatically feed this insight directly into other parts of the company like finance and customer success.

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