2021 made clear the limitations of manual processes and legacy systems in a time of global volatility. Many of us utilized heroic and fundamentally unsustainable efforts to find new ways to keep customers satisfied, operations going, and revenue coming in the door. Most of us have “identified the cracks”, but are left struggling with how to fix them.

Join us for a lively panel discussion with Salesforce, BeyondTrust, and FinancialForce as we focus on turning those cracks into opportunities. We’ll dive deep into how you can improve all aspects of your service delivery. Including utilization, project margins, and profitability. We will uncover how to find, understand, and quantify current issues, build the business case to resolve them, and what tangible benefits and ROI that can be obtained from the resolution.

Topics will include:
  • How to quantify the impact of “doing nothing”
  • Optimizing multiple stages of opportunity
  • Tangible benefits such as ROI expectations from those efforts
  • How project optimization can improve your bottom line
  • Where to begin and where to see benefits in the first 90 days of 2022
*Attend the webinar and get a chance to receive a FREE value assessment and see the tangible ROI your business can achieve when you remove legacy applications and manual processes.
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