Infographic: 5 Reasons to Fear the ERP FrankenCloud


Beware of the ERP FrankenCloud

erp frankencloud

5 Reasons to fear the ERP FrankenCloud

It’s no secret that cloud systems improve business processes, employee engagement and customer experience. And while moving your business apps to the cloud has become the norm, have you ever thought about WHICH cloud you’re moving to?

If you’re not strategic in picking cloud platforms that can support your entire business, app by app you could be building a monster - an ERP frankencloud. This monstrosity is the opposite of a single cloud platform where all your business apps talk to each and share the same real-time data you need to make important business decisions.

Stay away from the ERP frankencloud because it:

  • 1. Is monstrously inefficient
  • 2. Leads to scary decision making
  • 3. Forces you into dealing with hideous integrations
  • 4. Infects your company with silo fever
  • 5. Puts you at risk for security sabotage

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