Innovation in Financial Reporting

How does your finance team compare?


New independent 2018 Research

We wanted to share with you some great new independent research on "Innovation in Financial Reporting" from the FSN Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn.

This new research explores how 616 finance professionals spanning 23 industries are tackling the multiple challenges associated with business and financial reporting.

Download this report to discover:

  • How Finance teams are coping with increasing data volumes
  • How Finance teams which master data significantly enhance their business performance
  • Why collaboration is the cornerstone of the data revolution
  • Why a single platform approach is a game-changer for the finance function

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A Proven Approach to Evaluation
Steve Brooks, Editor, Enterprise Times
Steve will share the key points to address when evaluating cloud technology in order to build a business case for a system that helps services professionals forecast, deliver and grow their businesses.

Cloud Software Selection - A Vendors Perspective
Justin Ibbs, Director - Solution Engineering, FinancialForce
Justin will provide insight on how to shortlist the ideal software vendor for your business needs and how best to work with them to ensure a successful project.

What a Successful Implementation Looks Like
Brian Walker, Head of Project Management, FinancialForce
Brian will present tips and advice around best practice to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of the new product.

Customer Case Study
Hear a customer story highlighting the process they undertook to successfully select and implement a Cloud-based Professional Services system within the business. They will discuss the challenges faced in the transition, and the opportunities they see ahead.


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