9 Reasons Professional Services Works Better on the Salesforce Platform

The #1 PSA solution on the Salesforce Platform

Though the professional services industry continues to grow, growth for every professional services organization is not guaranteed. In order to tap into new market opportunities, services leaders must evaluate their systems and processes to ensure that they’re functioning as drivers, not roadblocks.

The Salesforce Platform—home to the #1 CRM, other Salesforce solutions, and a vast ecosystem of applications from companies like FinancialForce—gives services leaders a path to bridge the sales-services divide, improve forecasts, and many other major benefits. In this ebook, you’ll learn how the Salesforce Platform helps professional services organizations:

  • Bring sales and services together to build the right deals
  • Easily and accurately plan for future staffing needs
  • Get the visibility required to keep projects on track

“The richness and transparency of data that FinancialForce PSA provides is critical for our ability to scale our growing global workforce.”
—Ryan Brown
Senior Director of Operations, Global Professional Services, Splunk