The CIO’s Guide to Finance on the Salesforce Platform

Five reasons why finance and IT leaders benefit from the leading business cloud platform from Salesforce

Finance teams need company-wide reports, analyses, and forecasts more than ever. But for many organizations, this data can only be found scattered across multiple cloud and/or legacy systems and spreadsheets, as well as geographies, and it’s often inaccurate, difficult to normalize, and sometimes impossible to manage.

To support this pressing need—and to avoid expending all their resources on compiling and cleaning up data—CIOs are turning to a unified infrastructure. More accurate, faster, and more secure than disparate data silos and spreadsheets, a unified infrastructure provides a single source of truth for your entire organization. Download this guide to learn the power of Salesforce as the unified platform for all your business functions to:

  • Provide a 360° view of business performance
  • Keep critical company and financial data secure
  • Support new, emerging, and innovative pricing models
  • Empower finance with advanced analytics and business insights
  • Automate back-office workflows