The Digital Office of Finance

A guide to shifting mindsets, new business models, and modern IT requirements

The finance department of yesteryear, driven strictly by accounting functions and compliance, is rapidly disappearing. Cloud platforms, mobile technologies, the rise of the everything-as-a-service (XaaS) economy, the consumerization of IT–all these digital world factors have completely changed the office of finance.

Thanks to the world of services and subscription-based models, today’s finance professionals are in a position to drive business growth, e.g. carve out new revenue streams, expand services offerings, and help drive customer renewals. But do you have the insights and infrastructure to make it happen?

This ebook is packed with strategies on how to be a true value creator for your business, increase efficiencies, and ultimately build the digital office of finance.

Highlights include:

  • Shifting long-established mindsets from closing the books to building new revenue streams
  • Understanding the power of a master customer record
  • Leveraging the right processes, data, and solutions
  • Requirements of a modern back office
  • Creating an ecosystem to help your efforts collectively thrive