The Finance Leader's Guide to Running a High-Growth Technology Company

How to choose the right metrics and systems to win in the tech market

Subscription-based SaaS applications are growing at an astounding rate: Through 2023, the market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 21.2%.

However, the shift from one-time payments to a recurring model has presented unique challenges to finance leaders. With the majority of accounting systems struggling to support subscription pricing, many finance teams have been forced to rely on spreadsheets to build out basic financial reports or bill customers.

Adapting to the “as-a-service” model and the customer-centric market can make a huge difference to your organization’s profitability. Download this ebook to learn four critical pieces of advice for finance leaders at fast-growing high-tech and XaaS companies:

  • Understand your pricing models and their profitability
  • Track customer-centric metrics
  • Proactively improve customer retention
  • Ensure back office systems, processes and tools can support your business model