How to effectively price, win and deliver projects

The world economy has shifted from manufacturing to project-based, people-centric services businesses. That means continued growth opportunities for professional services organizations around the globe. Determining winning pricing targets in combination with billable utilization will be critical in your efforts to capture market share, improve margins, and delight clients.

This comprehensive study from SPI Research includes pricing comparisons, pricing strategies, and utilization benchmarks gathered from 150 services organizations representing more than 11,000 consultants, spanning vertical markets, geographies, and roles. Use it to:

Download this report to discover:

  • Compare your organization to your peers
  • Learn pricing trends and challenges, including published versus realized bill rates
  • Examine business applications that can help you effectively price, win and deliver projects
  • Look at your organizations’ “pyramid” and if you should change your structure
  • Scope other billable roles, e.g. management & executive levels
  • Monitor your pricing and discounting strategies
  • Look at other markets pricing models and where you can take advantage

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