Why Customer and Partner Communities Matter More Than Ever

With services broadening and diversifying—from strictly professional services to managed services, technology services, subscriptions, and beyond—the ability to manage multiple projects and business models has become as complex as it is critical. Today, services organizations must evolve their business practices and technology to ensure the customer experience is positive, projects stay on track, and revenue is strong. Effective partner, customer, and team collaboration is now more important than ever, making the need for built-in customer and partner communities perfectly clear.

Download the ebook: Why Customer and Partner Communities Matter More Than Ever outlining the power of community workspaces for professional services organizations and how they help improve overall customer experience and project delivery. Learn how communities benefit the various roles involved in the services delivery processes and the impact they have on the entire organization.

Service organizations using communities experience:

  • 53% increased customer retention
  • 40% increased sales
  • 40% increased the speed of delivery