Start Collecting Payments Faster

Successful services businesses thrive on starting projects as quickly as possible after customers sign the dotted line. Companies that run their services department as a silo struggle with this as they can’t accurately forecast what’s coming from sales and finance teams aren’t able to collect revenue in a timely manner.

In order to eliminate these silos, organizations are going through a digital transformation that aligns sales, finance, services and other departments around a single platform and dataset.

Join FinancialForce and VFP Consulting for a webinar where we’ll discuss the tangible benefits of bringing the business, customer experience, and services together across the customer lifecycle:

  • Optimize key KPIs such as utilization and service margins
  • Aggregate critical project data like project status, completed milestones and time & expense data to drive billing and revenue recognition
  • Create a seamless handoff from sales to delivery and create accurate forecasts 
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